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One Additional Character

$ 5.00

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This is to add 1 additional character to your order.

If you have already placed an order and then realized you left someone out, then you can come back and purchase additional characters. If you need more than one, then just change the quantity, add to cart and check out. You will also need to fill in the following information in the NOTES box on the check out page with the info for your additional characters. Or you can email it to:

You do NOT need to go fill out another questionnaire for any additional character.

Below is the info we need for each addition.

  1. Where is this character to be placed in the line up?
  2. Approximate Height & Age? (if this is an animal then give the animal number here.)
  3. Skin Tone
  4. Hair Choice
  5. Top
  6. Bottom
  7. Shoes (if doesn't come with pants)
  8. Any other info we need to know about this character? or need to add any accessory from the chart? Or need their arm around someone if clothing permits?